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HerFeet.net is a foot fetish haven for all of you guys who love the British girls. BDSM, bondage and tickling, pretty feet and legs in pantyhose as well as foot worship, toe sucking, sole licking, female domination and female submission is what we are about.

And there is more...

Now you can come down to HerFeet Preston studio and tickle the girls yourself! Or maybe you yourself would prefer to be tickled by our sexy girls. Maybe you'd like a bit of foot worship. Either way, take your chance, come round, enjoy yourself and live out your fantasies!


Female Domination - 1
female domination
Young Anthony is dominated by 2 females - Lindsay Wheatcroft and Sib Kelly. They sit him into medieval stocks and secure his hands and feet. Later the girls tie a belt around his neck and poor Anthony has to lick the dirt off their feet. First Lindsay, then Sib sit on him in turns and push their feet into his mouth. Lindsay pours cold water over Anthony's head while Sib canes and whips the screaming boy. The girls are rough with Anthony, but looking closely at his wet pants, something tells me he might be enjoying the whole thing. Click the thumbnail to see more free previews.


Live Out Your Fantasies!!!
Be dominated by one of our girls. Toe sucking, sole licking, trampling, spanking... everything is possible.


Female Domination - 2 - Trampling
trampling fetish

The girls release Anthony from the stocks, but his ordeal continues as they tie him standing up and continue to have their way with him. Later they order him to lie down on the floor while they walk on him bare foot, make him suck their toes and lick the soles of their feet. The whole films is 1 hour long and is available in the members area right now.

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Abused and Tortured with Ice
abused and tortured with ice
Little Claire is put through one hour of abuse, tickling, ice torture and masturbating. We rip holes in her stockings and stash ice cubes in them. Water runs down her legs as the ice melts. She gets an ice cube up her pussy and one up her ass too. We let them melt inside. She is ordered to suck few ice cubes in her mouth while she is tied up and being masturbated... more you will just have to see yourself.


Naked Secretary Bondage
naked secretary bondage

When Cristina's boss finds her masturbating during the office hours instead of doing her work, he gets pretty angry. Instead of punishing her by reducing her wages however, Cristina's boss decides to have a little play with her himself. The film in the members area is about 50 minutes long.

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Madison Young Tickle Tortured British Style!
madison young bdsm tickling

Most of you will already know Madison Young, the American girl who thinks she can take all sorts of torture and punishment. Well, she's never been tickled British style until now! Join us and watch her scream and laugh as we explore every inch of her naked body with our specialist tickling equipment.

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Sarah-Jane Tickled and Masturbated
girl tickled and masturbated

Sarah-Jane restrained, tickled and masturbated. About one and half hours of tickling and masturbating video with Sarah-Jane is downloadable from the members area.

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Hogtied Stable Girl
hogtied stable girl

This teenager is slowly stripped from her clothes and rope tied in different ways as well as hogtied nude in the stash of prickly hey.

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Foot Fetish Orgy
foot sex and toe sucking

While Leanne is out and about flashing her tits in public, she gets invited to do a fetish photo shoot in a car hire place.

Click here for a free preview clip.

The whole 45 mins long video of Leanne's shoot is also available in HerFeet members area right now!


Staked Out in the Grass
staked-out in the grass

Golda's pantyhose get ripped bit by bit to reveal her bare feet and legs as she struggles in bondage. She is tied down with ropes and staked-out in the grass. No one but sheep can hear her scream as ants, spiders, and other insect crawls all over her naked body.

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Downloadable fetish video and images
fetish video clips for sale

Pick and Pay exactly and only for the video clip, or the photo set that you want! No membership fees. Pay once, own forever! Content produced by HerFeet.net is available to be purchased separately on PickNPay.eu.
Downloadable content searchable by category - go straight to what you want to see: tickling, foot fetish, female submission, female domination, amateurs, BDSM, masturbating, mature, granny, outdoors, pissing... see more categories on PickNPay.eu.


Extremely ticklish 18 year old tickle tortured for 1 hour
foot fetish tickling video

Ann, 18, is secured into stocks, her clothes are ripped off and she is tickled senseless.

Download this one hour long film from PickNPay.eu as 4 easily downloadable video clips.

Follow this link for a free preview of Ann's tickling video.


Forced Orgasm
forced orgasm masturbated in bondage

More of Sarah-Jane tied up, masturbated and tickled.

Click the thumbnail to see more previews of Sarah-Janes forced orgasm video, which is downloadable from the members area.


Barefoot Walking
bare foot walking while tied up

In this clip Golda's wrists are tied to her ankles while she walks barefoot on a stony country path. Her black pantyhose are ripped to pieces by this time...

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Restrained and Masturbated
rope tied and masturbated with dildo

Sarah-Jane is rope tied spread eagled on bed where she's being fingered, groped and masturbated with a dildo.

The whole film is downloadable from the members area.


Nude Bondage
girls tied up outdoors

Golda's day out in the country starts by her being tied up by a river, left to be bitten by mosquitoes and other insect.

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erotic photography and video services for men by Gina Lorenz female fetish photographer
Bare feet and nude in public, outdoor bondage and tickling.



Outdoor Bondage
outdoor foot fetish and bondage

More bondage outdoors in the fields. The whole film in the members area is about one hour long.

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Tied Nude Spread Eagled Between Trees
tied up between trees
Golda is tied between 2 trees wearing only her knickers and a T-shirt. Slowly she looses her clothes and ends up being tied up naked in the end.


Tickled and Masturbated
tickled and masturbated
Heather is tied to a chair, her feet are chained to a spreader bar which makes it easy for us to handle her as we tickle her legs, feet, ass, pussy, neck and face. Later we find Heather's getting quite turned on by the electric toothbrush so we leave off the tickling and concentrate the toothbrush on her pussy and ass. Watch Heather scream and laugh during this one hour long film which is available in the members area right now.


Masturbating Tied up - Anal
masturbating tied up - anal

This horny whore can't keep her hands off her three favourite electric dildos for one minute! Even after we tie her up, she won't stop masturbating. She loves to push one dildo up her ass hole, while she masturbates with the other two at the same time.

Download this and other video clips from the members area.


Nude Tickling
nude tickling

Laura is tickled by a mad doctor and his pretty female assistant - sexy Miss Lindsay Wheatcroft. The film is one hour long and is available in the members area right now.

Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture of Laura tickled.


Gina Lorenz Bitten by a Puppy
Gina Lorenz tied up her feet bitten by puppy

In the middle of cold winter we tie semi naked Gina up to a tree and let a little puppy play with her exposed toes. The puppy bites and scratches Gina's feet. The video is available in the members area now.

Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture of Gina bitten by the puppy.


Get photographed by Gina Lorenz, or star in your own fantasy video!
erotic photography and video services for men by Gina Lorenz female fetish photographer
Erotic photography and video services for men. Get filmed by Preston based female fetish photographer, Gina Lorenz!


Staked-out and Tickled
staked out and tickled outdoors ticklish feet

Sarah is staked-out spread eagled in the grass, while we tickle the soles of her sexy feet, in between her toes, her legs, pussy, ribs, boobs, underarms, neck, ears and nose. Download the whole film from the members area now.

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Tickled Clingfilmed
cling filmed and tickled

Giggly and very ticklish 18 year old Stacey has got some massive knockers on her, this is a good all rounder girl with pretty feet. In this one hour long film she is cling filmed and strapped down to a bed, so she can hardly move, with only her bare feet exposed for us to tickle and play with. Later into the video we cut a few random holes into the cling film she is wrapped in and through these holes we tickle Stacey's ribs and knees. We also get her neck and face...

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